Mike Reardon

Mike Reardon, as a teenager in Boulder Colorado in the mid 80's, was growing tired of the metal that had blared in his headphones through most of his youth. He wanted something deeper.


Browsing through blues records at Albums on the Hill one afternoon, a Hound Dog Taylor album caught his eye.  And when he dropped the needle and that gritty sound came through the headphones, a revolution in his head began.  Next it was James Cotton's "High Compression" that really stirred something deep down inside.  Harmonicas were purchased. Friday nights were spent in basements with any willing participants listening and learning to play the blues.


He is still listening.  And still learning.  The list of teachers, dead and alive, worldwide and local, like that long black train; it keeps comin' around the bend.  And Mike Reardon will be found out playin' blues harmonica on Austin nights 'till the day he dies...

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