Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle

With a deep passion for blues and a love for the live show, Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle treats every song they play as though it may be their last. They formed in 2002 and got their start playing open jams at Cutters Texas Music Hall and Wild West Cantina. From there, they toured Texas for a year, and then took time off to hone their musical skills and polish their act before performing all over their home state once again.


Straying from the norm, Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle brings other elements into their blues style, such as jazz, country, funk, soul and rock. In their own words, “blues is more than just playing the right kind of guitar or having the right look. The feeling of real blues comes from deep inside and cannot really be explained, but you certainly have to feel it from the depths of your heart.” They contend that it isn’t necessarily the lyrics that make their songs what they are, but the feeling and emotions behind them.

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Henry Moore

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J Grover

(254) 247-4432

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