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A student of the music of Junior Kimbrough and R. L. Burnside, Janky is an Austin, TX-based musician who prefers up close and personal performances to the big concert hall. Mentored by Texas bluesman Reverend KM Williams and having produced and played with the two Kimbrough brothers (sons of Junior), Janky is well versed in both the blues and the throbbing and hypnotic sounds of the hill country.

Janky’s devotion to preserving the raw, uninhibited juke joint vibe results in a kind of electrified porch music that is both basic and well crafted, with keen attention given to the rhythmic secret sauce that makes the Hill Country sound so intoxicating. He makes liberal use of the drone-like chord structure, riffs, modified shuffles and odd instruments, such as the Lowebow cigar box guitar, to craft songs mostly centered on having as good a time as possible.

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