Help Support Margaret's Kids!

Calling all blues lovers!! Many of you have had the pleasure of hearing Austin Music Awards Hall of Fame winner Margaret Wright at one of her signature happy hour performances at the celebrated Skylark Lounge (and if you haven’t, you really, really need to as soon as you can). Here’s your chance to give back to one of Austin’s most beloved blues performers!


While Margaret’s talents on stage are well known, her position as a music teacher at the Texas Preparatory School in Austin, TX is not as heralded, but equally as important. This institution gets very little funding for its music program, for which Margaret is a tireless champion. The children that she teaches are underprivileged; Margaret’s program provides great hope and inspiration for many of them.


"Superb leadership, secure, patient and qualified instructors equal a quality education and great results for every child. It's ALL about the children. It's obvious." – Margaret Wright, speaking of the Texas Preparatory School's focus.


The Austin Blues Society is reaching out to our membership and blues fans across the spectrum to consider donating whatever you can to help us purchase new instruments for Margaret’s school. The few instruments that Margaret has available for her students are very worn, in states of extreme disrepair, and in some cases, outright unsalvageable.


This is a chance for all of you to make a very real difference in the lives of Austin’s children, and to tell Margaret how much we all appreciate her talents both on stage and in the classroom. Thank you for anything you can do to help us – click the link below to donate!