Cold Snap

Up from the South they came, the sons of sharecroppers and freemen following a hot and humid Highway 61 north from towns like Indianola and Rolling Fork. Some stopped in Memphis lured by dry rubbed ribs and a soulful blend of rhythm and blues. Still others continued to St. Louis where the music was as hot as the BBQ sauce and as wild as the women. 

But for a brave few, the hardcases, the ones who would dig deep to reach their blues pinnacle, the last stop on the line was Chicago. Chicago held the electric reality of the acoustic sound they grew up with and eventually outgrown. Chicago was the high holy land, the land of Muddy and Buddy and Wolf. Chicago was the shit. Cold Snap brings that sensibility to every performance, three men bound to ride the rails all the way to the glorious end.

Booking/Contact Info

Robert: (612) 897-7392

Chuck: (602) 740-2784

Earl: (512) 652-8975

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