Bobby Lynn Shehorn

For over 40 years, Bobby Lynn Shehorn has been playing the Blues. Since performing one of his first gigs in 1965 at an infamous black club in his hometown of Temple, Texas; Shehorn included Blues tunes in the several Rock bands that he played with in the 60s.


Teaming with Louisiana Rockabilly/R&B singer-songwriter Bobby Charles in Austin in 1969, they eventually landed in Woodstock, NY, where they played with Chicago Blues icon Paul Butterfield. Back in Austin, Bobby Lynn Shehorn became part of the Progressive Country Music movement of the 70s, but never stopped including Blues in his show. By the late 70s, Shehorn had added more soul tunes to his repertoire, booking gigs at Alexander’s, a black club in South Austin. Returning to Woodstock in 1980, Paul Butterfield accompanied Shehorn at his first gig back in New York.


Playing with other great players in New York in the 80s like Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown), Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Sredni Vollmer (Don Covay), Beki Brindle (Yank Rachell), and Howie Wyeth (Bob Dylan), Bobby Lynn Shehorn found his Blues calling when he moved to Louisiana in 1988. In Baton Rouge, Shehorn became a regular at Tabby’s Blues Box, where he jammed with legends Silas Hogan, Guitar Kelly, Tabby Thomas, Chris Thomas King, Henry Gray, and the Neal Brothers. Silas Hogan and Guitar Kelly showed a special interest in Shehorn and became his mentors.


Relocating to the rich Blues scene in Dallas in 1990, Bobby Lynn Shehorn performed with many great Blues players, including Sam Myers, Joe Jonas, Curly “Barefoot” Miller, Charlie Robinson, Brian “Hash Brown” Calway, Big Al Dupree, and Tommy Hill.


Back again in Austin since 2005, Bobby Lynn Shehorn has recently released a new album with Yellow Rose Records that documents his diverse Blues history titled “Still Called The Blues,” featuring his original compositions as well as covers by Bobby Charles, Johnnie Taylor, Paul Butterfield, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Silas Hogan, and Percy Sledge.


“Still Called The Blues” is getting radio airplay across America and in Europe, as sales figures and Bobby Lynn Shehorn fans steadily increase.

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